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​​The Montgomery TEA Party  (now rebranded as the Central Jersey Conservative Union) originated in the summer of 2010 during a Montgomery Troop 46 Boy Scout camping trip as three fathers, tired of merely worrying and carping about the state of our union decided to do something about it.  Since then we have established relationships with the Montgomery School Board, Montgomery Township Committee, Somerset County Freeholders, Somerset County GOP party leaders, conservative organizations in NJ and nationally, and elected and civil service folks throughout our county - all focused on expressing conservative positions to help effect change.

As a TEA Party we were constrained from endorsing candidates for political office, however, to more clearly articulate and promote our conservative principles we rebranded our group as the CJCU so that we may, from time to time, advocate for and promote candidates and elected officials whose beliefs and voting records reflect ours, regardless of party affiliation.

To date our members have affected the video recording of Montgomery Township committee meetings and school board meetings, hosted various town hall meetings for congressional candidates, and moderated Township Committee candidate question-and-answer nights.

Members may not speak for the Central Jersey Conservative Union.  Any action or positions expressed by members do not represent CJCU, and as such, are acting as individuals.

Central Jersey Conservative Union

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  Central Jersey Conservative Union Bio:

Our Conservatism stems from, and is embodied in, our Declaration of Independence, which proclaims and affirms the fundamental truth that life, our rights and our freedom comes only from God, our Creator.  Our Constitution enumerates those rights, specifies limits on government that protect us from its encroachment on our freedom, and thus enables our pursuit of happiness.

What if government’s limitations were not specified in our Constitution?  It would be free to self-define its purpose for whatever ends it sought.  What if “We the People” did not have our rights guaranteed by our Bill of Rights?  Over time, our God-given, natural rights would be subjected to government control.  Over 200 years ago our Founders foresaw the dangers of an all-powerful government so they designed and agree upon the representative democracy with its system of checks and balances that we have today.  It is regarded as one of the greatest innovations that the world ever produced, even sometimes revered as divine intervention.  That the founding delegates could agree on such a system was, according to George Washington “little short of a miracle.”

We are reminded of freedom originating from only God as our common bond as all forms of our currency have printed or embossed “In God we Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum” which roughly in Latin means “Out of many, one.”  Our currency is an everyday reminder of our freedom and that to protect our freedom, we must protect our Constitution.

Today’s TEA Party movement is based on the same principles that motivated the Patriots who protested British taxation (and tyranny) by dumping chests of tea into Boston harbor, and led our fight for independence: our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; limited government of, by and for The People; fiscal responsibility, and accountability of our elected representatives, their agents and agencies.

Since its inception in 2010, the Montgomery TEA Party (now rebranded
Central Jersey Conservative Union) has provided  information to residents of Montgomery Township and our Central New Jersey neighbors.  Speakers at our annual picnic have addressed meaningful, sometimes controversial, but always relevant and timely topics.  At election time, we host “Candidates Nights” in which speakers with different viewpoints are invited to ensure all sides are fairly represented.  Other TEA Party programs have dealt with topics including patriotism, media bias, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (“RGGI”), Federal HUD grant’s subjugation of local zoning codes, Common Core, immigration and election laws.  We pushed the Township Committee to broadcast their meetings on cable, and actively participate in local government and school board meetings.  These efforts have focused on providing and encouraging access to the political process and disseminating relevant, unbiased information on issues of concern to our fellow citizens. 

About Us

​1. Illegal aliens are not immigrants.
2. Employment priority for American citizens.
3. A strong military provides national security.
4. Special interests require practical tempering.
5. Firearm ownership must be protected.
6. Government resized to constitutional limits.
7. National spending within tax revenue.
8. Tax revenue reduced to constitutional limits.
9. Deficit spending limited to wartime requirements only.
10. Bailout and stimulus plans are counterproductive.
11. Civil rights protection of unborn children.
12. Elected offices to be attainable by middle-class citizens.
13. Citizen privacy protection.
14. Official language adoption.
15. Strong families are the foundation of America.​

15 Core Beliefs