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June 2020

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The Truth Behind Police Race Bias Claims

We understand that many events in our lives are driven by emotionally charged reactions.  At a time like this, educating ourselves about the facts becomes ever more important so that we are less likely to be swept up by excessive emotionality.  This webpage and editorial seeks to provide meaningful, educational information on this and related topics.

There is no doubt that our police forces and other emergency responders are fundamental to maintaining law, order, and societal safety.  Without these basics, there can be no meaningful freedom because Citizens cannot effectively provide these services as an individual.

News media outlets showcasing protesters calling for abolition of law, order, and safety services offer limited information to visualize what society would look like without, thus precluding meaningful consideration of such an apparently ludicrous proposal.

Protesters and news outlets claim police racism during protests while honoring the names of alleged bias victims, and loop police incidents on TV to dramatize alleged police bias.  But where are the facts and data supporting police racism or bias?

Our group has spent untold hours assembling and referencing statistics for everyone to ingest to draw individual conclusions from information available on our website.

However, you might recall the Harvard economics professor named *Roland G. Fryer Jr. whom in 2016 enraged with police incidents such as the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home in Cambridge, Massachusetts took it upon himself to sift through crime data and determined that: "On the most extreme use of force - officer - involved shootings - we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextualized factors are taken into account."

You can view and/or download the complete study here:

Further there is evidence that the aftermath of viral incidences of police deadly force leads to large and statistically significant increases in homicides and total crimes because of that is called the "Ferguson" effect.  This term was coined after the rioting caused by an officer stopping a violent personal attack that triggered officers to fear becoming similar institutional victims for simply carrying out their duties, as actually happened to that Ferguson Officer.  Viral reactions to policing forces officers into risk calculations between proactive policing and career cancellation.  Again, this leads to excess murders and felonies.

Thus, radical responses to police us of deadly force, by protesters, and news media outlets, indirectly cost lives and some might argue that these radicals and related news media outlets repetitively broadcasting such narratives have blood on their hands.

*Mr. Fryer at age 30 was the youngest African American to ever receive tenure at Harvard.